Xomidhan ScholarAssist

Xomidhan ScholarAssist is an innovative digital approach to bridge the gap between a donor and a donee.

Xomidhan, a career counselling platform established on 1 Jan 2010, though its technological prowess and decade long experience is introducing a new digital concept of Scholarship as a Service. Donors can avail the expertise of Xomidhan in identifying the right candidate and connect them with the right scholarship. Xomidhan will work as a mediator as well as maintain as steady flow of communication between the donor and the donee.

Here is the list of a few scholarships currently available on this platform:

  1. Ashok Kuhar Scholarship for HS(passed) Science Students.
  2. Maheswar Nath Memorial Trust (Agia, Goalpara) scholarship for two HS (all stream) passed students from Government schools every year
  3. Nakul Alaka Dutta (NAD) Scholarship for Girls in Science
  4. Toppertalks - Dehi Ram Saikia Memorial Scholarship for HSLC Passed Student every year
  5. Baruah-Hazarika Scholarship for HS(passed) Science Students
  6. Gonit Sora Scholarships

Xomidhan ScholarAssist FAQs

If you want to become a donor or if you have any query, please send mail to xomidhan@gmail.com